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Our purpose is to positively impact select individuals, families, business owners and families as together we plan over generations. We do this through a process that includes discovering clear direction and wise advice. It is our hope that this deepens and expands your understanding in the journey of your uniquely designed purpose in life.

Our team works together to build and then manage lifelong plans focused on achieving your most important aspirations and dreams at every stage of this life.

We define success as making a difference in other people's lives by providing every household, business, and nonprofit that we serve with an exceptionally constructed and implemented financial plan.

What We Believe In

We believe successful lifetime investing is goal-focused and planning driven. We focus on proven strategies over the long-term. We are not believers in "silver bullets".

We believe that in times of economic uncertainty and market volatility, that you deserve to hear an objective second opinion from friends that you can trust.

How We Serve Our Clients

Typically, when we first meet a new client, they already have many good financial solutions in place, however they are unsettled because they are unsure if they are on track to meet their goals.

At face value, we serve our clients by creating a clear path to achieve their goals, but our definition of success is much deeper. Our goal and desire is for you to have peace of mind because you are confident that your goals for the future will be met by actions taken as a result of the planning process.

What You Should Expect From Us

A systematic approach that can evaluate success over the long-term and always begins with the end in mind, specifically your goals. Together we should understand what success looks like, where you are now, and have a written plan with action steps to guide you towards your goal.

We will help you understand all the parts necessary to create and maintain a healthy financial plan, which include:

  • Target spending plan and savings capacity
  • Protection against key risks
  • Investment strategies with distribution plans that allocate your assets toward your goals
  • Remember - in the end, you are not trying to amass a pile of money; you are trying to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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